The Concise Guide to Magazine Marketing

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Using magazines as the media model, this book explains, reveals and teaches the intricacies of positioning your unique value, promoting your brand, and selling its benefits. With useful, how-to information in clear, easy language, it is a valuable tool and handy style guide for all in marketing, sales and creative services. Learn how to:

  • Master marketing vocabulary and programs
  • Respond to RFPs faster and manage programs efficiently
  • Write better sales letters, sell sheets and presentations
  • Recognize the basics of good promotional design
  • Avoid grammar “don’ts” and cut copy with precision

Written in 2008 by Judy Corcoran with Renée Martin, this book includes the contributions of Gregory Amend, Cynthia Ahart Wood, Rand Blunk, Robyn Campbell, Don Charles, Betsy Clawson, Jeanne Fico, Jeri Merendino, Collette D. Pennacchio, Brenda Schwartz and Katherine Wessling.

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