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"After using the book as a helpful reminder and inspirational guide, I passed it along as a terrific resource for junior members of our integrated marketing team. It's a great tool for those starting out as it defines and reviews basics and sets out to help marketers create a plan for applying actionable ideas to their projects."
Thom Geraghty
Integrated Marketing Manager

Writer's Digest
16th Annual International Book Awards
Category: Reference Books

Judge’s Commentary:
This is a fantastic guide for anyone interested in starting a magazine, working at a magazine company, or improving editing, marketing, promotion, and design skills. The book’s general information about “how magazines work” is to-the-point, succinctly introducing readers to all the things they need to consider and do before, during, and after a magazine’s creation. The book’s design and excellent use of examples and bullet-point “tips” make the text very easy to comprehend and to skim for quick facts, ideal for busy professionals who don’t have all day or an entire weekend to drudge through a boring textbook. With that said, a huge plus is the book’s emphasis on saving time, from the keyboard formatting shortcuts to the cut-and-dry grammar dos and don’ts (great for people who can write, but are rusty when it comes to the rules about commas, dashes vs. hyphens, participles, etc.) to concise-writing tips. Last, but not least, there is a strong emphasis on the words anyone in the magazine business should learn, know and love. The glossary is excellent, as well as the terms and definitions provided throughout the text, clarifying things like merchandising, design, and layout, and making this book as valuable as an English, marketing or journalism course."
Structure and organization: Excellent
Grammar: Excellent
Cover design: Excellent

"This book is quite an asset for our industry and students. The best magazine in the world will be dead in the waters without a good marketing plan. This book is the best complement to any magazine business plan and will, for sure, put your plan on the right marketing track. Here, you can learn, from an insider, the step-by-step approach to marketing your publication."
Samir "Mr. Magazine"™ Husni, Ph.D.
Chair of the Journalism Department at the University of Mississippi

"Every individual entering the field of magazine and media sales and marketing would benefit tremendously from reading this book. In fact, even seasoned professionals will find content that will inspire them to fresh ideas and better habits. I wish someone had offered me a copy The Concise Guide to Magazine Marketing when I started my career in media sales at the Village Voice. I intend to pick up copies for my entire staff."
Susan Belair, Senior Vice President of Sales
Ruxton Media Group

"I helped my friend Judy edit this behemoth book. It’s a brain dump of everything she knows from years of marketing work at Vogue, US News, Golf, etc., etc. For the new kids, it might help them get up and running. For us old farts, there are some lists of merch programs and the like, that just make us remember all we’ve already forgotten. Worth getting a few of these for the office."
Cynde Ahart Wood
Senior Sales Development Manager
Time Inc. Business & Finance Network

"You have to check out a brand new book that is just hitting the market and it’s MADE FOR YOU. We highly recommend it! It’s like a bible for magazine marketers. You have to buy it, expense it, ask your boss to get one for everyone in your department. It’s everything you need to know, step by step, how to do your job (or do it better)."
Kathi O'Neil
President, Westover Media
Publisher, City Picks Group

"I read this book cover to cover and it is fabulous. Every aspiring magazine marketer—and many of us who have been around for awhile—should have it by their side. It really provides so much value. We're planning to order a bunch here."
Patricia Lippe Davis
Associate Publisher, Marketing
AARP Services, Inc. Media Sales