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“It’s the most comprehensive ‘how-to’ marketing book I’ve ever seen…very practical, totally straightforward, like the training course that no publisher can afford anymore.”
Cleary Simpson, former SVP,
Time Warner Global Marketing

“This hands-on, very comprehensive book is a valuable asset for new assistants and entry-level
marketing people.

Bill Congdon, Publisher,
Popular Mechanics

 is a resource for those who work or want to work in media marketing, promotion and merchandising. Whether you’re selling magazine advertising space, Internet page views, radio or TV time, or some other type of media audience, this site will help you find the tools you need to write better presentations, understand the business, and succeed at your job. We also welcome graphic designers to this site.

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This is also the home of The Concise Guide to Magazine Marketing: Tips, Tools and Best Practices, a resource and style guide for today’s media marketers.

If you’re working at a magazine, Internet, broadcast or other media company,
this book will make your job easier. Magazine marketing pros Judy Corcoran and
Renée Martin, with the help of a dozen others, break down the tasks performed in marketing so that you can understand them better and create them more easily. With tips, cheat sheets, vocabulary lists, tools and examples, this book is written in very easy-to-understand language with very handy-to-have elements.

Judy Corcoran and Renee Martin have presented this book's information for the Magazine Publishers of America. The book is also used as a text book at New York University.

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